Things To Consider Before Signing The Contract

When making your decision of who you will give the opportunity to install your new heating and cooling system, you should keep in mind three very important factors:

A. The Product
B. The Company
C. The Price

Not all heating and cooling systems work efficiently in all climates. E&L Service Company knows and understands the demands that the extremes of the Houston climate put on heating and especially cooling systems. E&L Service Company selects its product lines from the best manufacturers and only sells those products proven to work efficiently while providing environmental comfort from our Arizona summers and monsoon humidity.

E&L Service Company has the experience, from system design to installation to service, to provide you with the best system for your home or business. Since 1965, E&L Service Company has provided the best equipment because:

1.) It was sized right from the start.
2.) It was built to last.
3.) It was installed right.

The best built and longest lasting unit will do no better then the cheapest, IF IT’S INSTALLED WRONG!!!

E&L Service Company is committed to doing the job right for you the first time. E&L can assure you that your job will be handled in a fast and efficient manner with your satisfaction always our main goal. Being rated by customers as a superior provider didn’t come to us just because we install so many replacement units but also because of the quality way we have dealt with people in the past. It also comes from neighbors who want a quality product, efficient and quality work like that done for their neighbors and friends. E&L Service Company has never lost sight of one of the biggest reasons we have stayed in business since 1965: because we put a priority on meeting our customers needs.

Price can be a very difficult way to gauge who should do your work. No one expects the company they call to say “We are the cheapest company, do business with us and you can be assured a cheap price!”

If you look in the paper, you’ll always find some company advertising a cheap price. E&L has talked to customers who have called these companies. None of them were surprised to find out that the cheap prices are almost never the final price. You might ask, if prospective customers know the cheap prices stated in the paper usually are not the true and final price, why advertise them? How can anyone bid a price without knowing what the job entails?

There are maybe three ways for a contractor to lower their price or bid without actually seeing the job site:

* Spend less time on the job.
* Do less work on the job.
* Use less materials or use lower grade materials

Price must vary due to the time spent on the installation, amount of material/supplies used, or the product used. That is why Cost/Price alone should not be the variable you use to pick a heating and cooling contractor.

Even if you narrow your choice to 2 or 3 companies or brands, you still can’t compare companies by cost alone. From the lowest price manufacture to the highest, the range in cost to the contractor for the equipment used is no more than $200.00 to $500.00, but then why can the estimate be so different? You have to dig deeper and find out about the company. Dealing with the company you choose isn’t just a one time thing. It’s a long term relationship! This is the company who will take care of any warranty needed and yearly service needs. With the average life of an AC unit being 15 to 17 years you must consider if your company will be there for you years later.

If you buy the highest price bid, will you get the best job? Well, chances are more in your favor if you do, yet it may not be necessary end with that result. Just know what your getting for your money and make sure you put the company that is doing your job strongly in the equation. Remember what we said before:


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