Full Service for Residential & Commercial Systems

Full Service for Residential & Commercial Systems

Whether your have a brand new system or one that is 5 to 10 years old — without a sound and planned service program you will be buying another system sooner than is really necessary.

At E&L Service Company our technicians are all trained in the most recent industry advances and equipment to allow us to meet your service needs quickly and in the most cost-efficient way possible. Whether you need a simple repair, a system upgrade or a complete system rebuild, our skilled staff can handle the job.

Service and Repair Services Provided by E&L Service Company

* Regular, planned inspections of heating and air conditioning systems
* Regular, planned system maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs
* Coil cleaning on a programmed basis enabling older systems to function more efficiently and reliably and likely extending the life of existing units.
* Replacement of air conditioning duct systems to more effectively deliver the conditioned air throughout you home or business.
* Retrofitting of existing units with newer, higher SEER units to increase efficiency and lower costs.
* Evaluating and modifying existing heating and air conditioning systems which were not properly designed for the needs at hand – or do not met existing building codes.
* On ALL of our projects we fully comply with the existing building codes and “pull” the required permits. This helps assure you that the work being done is going to deliver to you the quality and results your desire – and deserve.